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Bram Stes

Head coach

I have a background in electromechanical engineering, and then I pursued additional master’s degrees in computer science. As a kid, I often heard, sometimes ad nauseam, “to measure is to know.” But it’s true. We know things better only by measuring, which means data, now more than ever before in the history of humanity. But with this data comes a huge responsibility: how to handle it with respect for the individual.

That’s why I find an initiative, such as tutorrio, essential. Measuring is solely technology. Measuring with an eye on the amount of data – and therefore on the operational costs and energy consumption – is a mentality. Handling the data with responsibility is an ethical and moral principle. You need all three pillars to become a sound data engineer; currently, not many schools provide this.

“While we teach, we learn.”

Bruno De Bus

CTO at Klarrio

Bruno De Bus is a highly experienced Cloud Software Engineer with years of work experience. He has a strong skill set in Linux, C, embedded systems, and software development. Prior to Klarrio, Bruno worked in various roles, where he focused on IT services and consulting.

Bruno worked at Virdata and Technicolor where he built scalable publish/subscribe messaging infrastructure to monitor and manage millions of connected devices. He also has experience as a Software Architect at Technicolor in France. Bruno is known for his expertise in system architecture, debugging, and machine learning.