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Master the Art of Data Engineering

tutorrio is a data engineering learning space with a hands-on intensive program that meets society’s and industry's needs. It's different from anything else out there: it goes beyond pure technology.

At tutorrio, you'll learn from the best! Taught exclusively by seasoned experts recognized in their respective fields, you'll participate in exercises closely resembling those encountered at Klarrio and throughout your professional path as a data engineer.
Our programs are limited to a small number of candidates, enabling tailored instruction with personalized feedback.

And here's the exciting part — you'll earn while you learn, ensuring a salary from day one. Moreover, we provide everything you need: including cutting-edge study materials, access to state-of-the-art open-source technologies, engaging projects, and a team of proficient experts.
All of this in the heart of Antwerp, featuring the best rooftop view in town!

Program 1

Data Engineering from Zero to Hero


Are you a STEM graduate passionate about coding and computer software but lacking experience in software engineering, and aspiring to become a Data Engineer? Learn about Software development, Unix operating systems, Computer networks, and Data Engineering, before stepping to Program 2!


Program 2

Data Engineering for Computer Scientists


Are you a bachelor’s or master’s graduate in Computer Science who wants to become a Data Engineer?
Explore and master data-intensive computing, the design and development of data-intensive applications, and data fabrics.
Become a data engineer in only 4 months!


A Unique Concept in Belgium

Our goal is to immerse you in data-intensive computing, and the design and development of data-intensive applications. We’ll teach you how to select the right designs and solutions to future-proof your projects.

You’ll have the chance to apply and experiment with the knowledge gained in a vendor-agnostic approach. Throughout the courses, you’ll establish a solid foundation in data engineering with a distinctive blend of on-site classes led by our experts, self-study, group assignments, and certified training.

Ultimately, you’ll emerge as a proficient junior data engineer capable of designing and constructing cutting-edge solutions from scratch, with a keen understanding of costs and a commitment to upholding the highest standards of data security and privacy.

No Tuition Fee

Gratis. Gratuit. Frei. Free.
It’s all free of charge!

In fact, you’ll get all the necessary equipment you need, earn a competitive salary package while you’re studying, and get a contract with Klarrio for a long and fruitful career.

No tuition fee

A competitive salary package from day 1

Your very first job as junior data engineer

Meet The Team

Meet the team behind tutorrio, passionate about teaching and innovation. We offer top-tier training and hands-on experience to empower the next generation of data engineers.

“While we teach, we learn.”

Bram StesHead Coach
Head Coach

Bram Stes

I have a background in electromechanical engineering, and then I pursued additional master’s degrees in computer science. As a kid, I often heard, sometimes ad nauseam, “to measure is to know.” But it’s true. We know things better only by measuring, which means data, now more than ever before in the history of humanity. But with this data comes a huge responsibility: how to handle it with respect for the individual.

That’s why I find an initiative, such as tutorrio, essential. Measuring is solely technology. Measuring with an eye on the amount of data – and therefore on the operational costs and energy consumption – is a mentality. Handling the data with responsibility is an ethical and moral principle. You need all three pillars to become a sound data engineer; currently, not many schools provide this.

“While we teach, we learn.”

CTO at Klarrio

Bruno De Bus

Bruno De Bus is a highly experienced Cloud Software Engineer with years of work experience. He has a strong skill set in Linux, C, embedded systems, and software development. Prior to Klarrio, Bruno worked in various roles, where he focused on IT services and consulting.

Bruno worked at Virdata and Technicolor where he built scalable publish/subscribe messaging infrastructure to monitor and manage millions of connected devices. He also has experience as a Software Architect at Technicolor in France.

L&D Specialist

Nicolas Van Massenhove

Nicolas is responsible for all internal training and personal development within Klarrio, including our data engineering learning program, tutorrio.

Nicolas started his career in a sales-oriented role, but he quickly realized he was more interested in the learning & development part of the job and became a product trainer. He had the opportunity to do some good for the Belgian education system and started working as head of academy and adoption manager. Then, he joined our team with skills that are easily transferable to his current position.

“I will be responsible for student recruitment and follow-up at tutorrio,” says Nicolas. “We want to ensure that our students know what to expect from the course and the outcome of this training.”

Once you apply for tutorrio to become a data engineer, your CV will first be sent to Nicolas. He will have a thorough look at your skills and motivation and contact you for an interview if we’re a good match.

Do you have any questions about the tutorrio data engineering learning program? Feel free to contact Nicolas at!

LMS Engineer

Mario Vitale

Mario Vitale is responsible for setting up the infrastructure of the learning management system (LMS) that the tutorrio trainees will use during the course. He makes sure that the system is stable, secure, monitored, and automated as much as possible.

“Automation is crucial because it ensures that whenever there are changes in the learning content, they are automatically applied to the course in the learning management system as well,” Mario explains.

In fact, the LMS is not only used by the trainees but also by the founder of tutorrio, Klarrio. The company uses it to provide training to its employees and to streamline the onboarding process, among other things. 

True to our core beliefs at Klarrio, we wanted to create this system using an open source framework. After careful evaluation, we decided to work with Moodle, one of the most popular  open source learning management system projects with a large and vibrant community. It’s also known to be very customizable through plugins. 

“Extending the framework and adding the capabilities we needed to our LMS was a challenge, but I had a lot of freedom to experiment. I got to explore several different technologies while getting familiar with them.”

Learning Designer

Indra Van Caesbroeck

As a Learning Designer, Indra manages all the learning programs that Klarrio offers, including the tutorrio data engineering courses. 

“My job includes helping maintain the LMS and coordinating learning content development,” says Indra. “I work very closely with our engineers to develop content that is practical and highly relevant.”

Indra works together with our LMS engineer Mario. While Mario is responsible for the system’s technical parts, Indra takes care of the learning design aspects. 

“You can think of my role a little bit like a UX/UI designer. Mario maintains and develops the technology, and I see how it improves and enhances the learning experience.”

At Klarrio and tutorrio, we believe that learning never stops. We pay special attention to investing in our employees and their personal development. 

That is why we find it essential to create a learning tool that our colleagues can use as a knowledge hub.

“Our goal is to create a learning environment for both the Klarrio employees and tutorrio trainees where they can access and gain knowledge in the most efficient way. With such a user-friendly, learner-centered, and motivational tool, we can help them grow and advance in their career.”




What is a Data Engineer?

We like to define Data Engineering as putting in place the foundations and plumbing of a building, where the applications reside.

Imagine a grand building that serves as a hub for various applications. This is where the magic happens.
Now think about your smartphone for a moment. When you install apps, you might wonder why an operating system is necessary. The truth is, without an operating system like iOS or Android, those apps won’t have a place to call home.

Apps, whether they’re games, useful tools, or powered by advanced AI, need a solid foundation and access to data. That’s where Data Engineers step into the spotlight. Data Engineers build the operating systems and platforms that provide the structure for apps to thrive. They also ensure the secure flow of data, enabling apps to leverage the necessary information and perform their tasks while maintaining top-notch security measures.

They are the architects of these operating systems, these platforms that welcome third-party apps with open arms. Actually, you have two paths to explore in this digital world: You can specialize in creating those applications, crafting intricate business logic or unraveling the secrets of data science. Or, you can take a different route and become a builder of the recipient platform, the one responsible for constructing the perfect home for all these exciting things.

In the world of Data Engineering, the power of technology and data converge to foster innovation. It’s a realm where imagination meets computation, where data takes center stage, and the possibilities are limitless.

That’s the essence of what we do!

Learn, code,

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